Overnight Bigfoot Expedition In Kentucky

You will participate in a three-night, three-day camping adventure in one of the prime Bigfoot hot spots in the state of Kentucky. It’s an undisclosed location in Western KY, with the exact spot being revealed once the required paperwork is received. Every expedition has yielded amazing evidence such as homerun knocks, whoops, whistles, howls, growls, … Read more

Yakima Valley Bigfoot Con in Toppenish, Washington

Explore the history of Yakama’s Kwiikwiyai known as the “Whistler” Participate in conversations about local Bigfoot experiences. Meet the Legend, Bob Gimlin of the Patterson film fame Learn about Geographic Remote Viewing and so much more with the all-female research team, the SHE-SQUATCHERS. Meet & Learn about the research and experiences within Central Washington area … Read more

Couple photograph bigfoot near New River Gorge, West Virginia

A husband and wife living in a remote corner of Fayette County in southern West Virginia claim to have encountered and photographed a bigfoot. Billy Humphrey, of Danese, says that before the October 2019 incident he had ridiculed such claims but has spent the last half-year turning the encounter over in his mind. “I didn’t believe in bigfoot,” Humphrey … Read more

2020 Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference announced

The second annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference is scheduled for July 24 with an all-star lineup of ‘Squatch’ experts. “This is genuinely a fun, unique sanctuary for anything and everything Sasquatch,” Event Manager, Niki Beaty said. “Based on last year’s success, we are expecting an even bigger turnout this year, so I can’t stress how … Read more

Bigfoot Convention In Northern Minnesota

This spring, the members of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team are set to host what they say will be the state’s first ever Bigfoot Conference. The three-day event is slated for May 22-24 at Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids. There will be a variety of speakers, vendors, food and mingling amongst fellow enthusiasts nicknamed “Squatchers.” … Read more

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