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Just because it’s Sasquatch Repellent,
doesn’t mean it has to smell bad™.

For the person who has everything, including Bipedal Hominoids that cause intimidation and chaos under the cover of darkness, we've got the solution:
Squatch Away!®'s Sasquatch Repellent of the Month Club

To celebrate our 400th year, Use the code BFCM2021 to receive a 400 cent ($4) discount
on all of our aerosol repellents, with the purchase of 2 or more cans.

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About Squatch Away!® brand Sasquatch Repellent

In an effort to bring you the very best sasquatch repellent, Squatch Away!® has gone through hundreds, if not thousands of iterations over the years.

Our earliest formulations were based on the recipe that the Wampanoag Indians shared with the Pilgrims in 1621. The earliest formulations were primarily based on a fascinating combination of nuts, berries, and roots. Which, along with repelling bigfoot, made a delightful tea. Variation of the earlier formulas ended up being the foundation for the earliest sasparilla and rootbeer formulas.

Over the years, we’ve added and change the formulation. Our biggest change came with with 1945 discovery of the rare earth mineral, Mythophobium. Since 1945, we’ve been using my Mythophobium in all of our repellents, and even soak all of our shirts and hats in a Mythophobium bath.

We’re always tuning our formulas to ensure the best repelling qualities for all bipedal hominoids, including, but not limited to Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snow Monster, Ohio Grassman, Yowie, Lake Worth Monster, or Bigfoot.

Unlike the Retail Comic Strip shoutout on June 27, 2009, Squatch Away!® does NOT repel bears.

Unfortunately, Squatch Away!® will not prevent COVID-19.

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