History of Sasquatch Away!


October 20

Sasquatch Away rebrands to Squatch Away!

  In 201, we rebranded and unveiled another new logo. We learned our lesson and trademarked our new logo. Hopefully that will keep soda and movie companies from appropriating our intense efforts.
June 27

Sasquatch Away is featured in “Retail” Comic

*Sasquatch Away does NOT work on bears.

June 9

Whatcom County, Washington declared a Sasquatch protection and refuge area

Resolution No. 92-043

WHEREAS, legend, purported recent findings and spoor suggest that Bigfoot may exist; and WHEREAS, if such a creature exists, it is inadequately protected and in danger of death or injury; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Whatcom County Council that, Whatcom County is hereby declared a Sasquatch protection and refuge area, and all citizens are asked to recognize said status.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, this resolution shall be effective immediately. APPROVED this 9th day of June, 1991.

October 20

Squatch May Fall by John Grisham

In 1990, a little known author used Sasquatch Away! as a pivotal plot element in the legal thriller “Squatch May Fall”.

October 20

Yet Another Logo Unveiled


In 1976, we unveiled yet another new logo. This time, a year later, some unknown movie stole our logo design. This is getting annoying.

October 20

Patterson and Gimlin test new Sasquatch Away formulation

October 20

1938 Marketing Campaign – Keep Calm ’cause Bigfoot’s Gone

We were very pleased with our slogan “Keep Calm ’cause Bigfoot’s Gone”. Come to find out, the British government’s Ministry of Information copied our 1938 marketing campaign. Seeing that they used it in preparation for World War II, we did not discourage this repurposing. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated repurposing of our various branding and marketing efforts.

October 20

Another New Logo Unveiled


In 1936, we unveiled another new logo. Yet again, a year later, another, larger, business stole our logo design and, of all things, put it on a movie studio.

October 20

New Logo Unveiled


In 1890, we unveiled a new logo. Unfortunately, a year later, another, larger, business stole our logo design and put it on a soft drink. Ridiculous.

July 4

Sasquatch Away is standard issue for United States Army Corps of Topographical Engineers

November 10

William Henry Harrison Uses Sasquatch Away During the Battle of Tippecanoe

Governor of Indiana Territory, William Henry Harrison, used Sasquatch Away in the Battle of Tippecanoe to ensure that sasquatches would not interfere with his troops, thus helping his soldiers win the battle.

May 14

Lewis and Clark Expedition take Sasquatch Away on the first American expedition to cross the western portion of the United States

October 20

David Thompson, widely regarded as the greatest land geographer that ever lived carries Sasquatch Away on all of his travels

October 20

Wampanoag Indians introduce what is to become Sasquatch Away to Pilgrims

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