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For the person who has everything, including Bipedal Hominoids that cause intimidation and chaos under the cover of darkness, we've got the solution:
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Carmel, New York should have used Squatch Away!®

In a recent revelation from New York State, a discovery of Sasquatch prints has stirred the cryptozoological community. This incident, detailed on Coast to Coast AM, underscores a critical oversight in Sasquatch deterrence efforts. It’s a stark reminder that not all Sasquatch repellents are created equal. The individual responsible for this discovery was undoubtedly using an inferior competitor’s product, leaving them unprotected and at risk. This situation could have been easily avoided with Squatch Away!®—the only brand trusted by experts and enthusiasts alike for Sasquatch repulsion. Don’t wait for a Sasquatch to leave its mark; choose Squatch Away!® for peace of mind in Sasquatch-prone territories.

Source: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/sasquatch-prints-found-in-new-york-state/

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