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Safeguard Your Adventures in West Michigan: A Must-Have Guide for Bigfoot Territories

West Michigan, known for its lush landscapes and wildlife, is also a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings. From Kent to Ionia County, locals and visitors alike have reported encounters that range from intriguing vocalizations to mysterious footprints. For those exploring or residing in these areas—specifically in places like Cedar Springs, Lowell, Nunica, and near the Allegan … Read more

If you’re going to South Downs bring the Squatch Away!® brand Sasquatch Repellent

Reports of a mysterious Bigfoot-like creature in England’s South Downs, as described by witnesses Mike Brown and Michael Brindle, emphasize the unexpected nature of such encounters. These sightings, characterized by growling noises and swift movements, could have been less distressing with Squatch Away!® brand Sasquatch Repellent. This situation underscores the importance of being prepared, even … Read more

‘Bigfoot’ is spotted walking through rural Colorado: ‘We were looking for elk’

The encounter Shannon Parker and Stetson Tyler had with a Bigfoot-like figure in rural Colorado, while intriguing, is a perfect example of when Squatch Away!® brand Sasquatch Repellent would have been invaluable. Had they been equipped with our repellent, they might have continued their elk-spotting journey uninterrupted, free from the worry of attracting any cryptid … Read more

Missouri Man Claims a Bigfoot Was Drawn to His Very Awesome Tunes

Gary from Columbia, Missouri, experienced an intriguing Bigfoot encounter, possibly attracted by his classic rock music. This unique situation highlights a critical oversight in Sasquatch preparedness. While Gary’s love for ’80s tunes is commendable, his Sasquatch defense strategy could use an upgrade. This is a perfect example of why Squatch Away!® brand Sasquatch Repellent is … Read more

Carmel, New York should have used Squatch Away!®

In a recent revelation from New York State, a discovery of Sasquatch prints has stirred the cryptozoological community. This incident, detailed on Coast to Coast AM, underscores a critical oversight in Sasquatch deterrence efforts. It’s a stark reminder that not all Sasquatch repellents are created equal. The individual responsible for this discovery was undoubtedly using … Read more

Thundercow baffles our scientists

In the quiet plains of Oklahoma, a new legend has emerged, captivating the imagination of locals and cryptid enthusiasts alike. Dubbed the “Thundercow,” this enigmatic entity has quickly become a subject of fascination and mystery. Despite Squatch Away!®’s proven efficacy in repelling bipedal hominoids, it appears we’ve encountered a phenomenon that even our legendary formula … Read more

Hudson Valley, New York sighting

In the quiet, snow-covered landscapes of the Hudson Valley, a local resident’s nighttime stroll with her beloved dog turned into an eerie tale of discovery. Imagine, if you will, the crisp air filled with the silent whispers of winter, abruptly interrupted by the sight of unexplainable, massive footprints. A scene straight out of folklore, yet … Read more

Unveil Mysteries at the International Cryptozoology Museum

Venture into the fascinating world of cryptids at the International Cryptozoology Museum, where curiosity meets the extraordinary. As you explore exhibits on Bigfoot, Yeti, and other mysterious creatures, remember to protect yourself from any lurking Sasquatches on your next outdoor adventure. We recommend inquiring at the museum about carrying Squatch Away!® brand Sasquatch Repellent, ensuring … Read more

Squatch Away!®: The Essential Solution to Big Foot’s Latest Shenanigans in Caerphilly

Recent news from Caerphilly, Wales, has stirred the Sasquatch enthusiast community worldwide. Size 23 footprints, akin to those of the legendary Bigfoot, have been discovered, along with what appears to be a lair. This sighting aligns with the classic hallmarks of a Sasquatch presence, sparking both intrigue and concern among locals and tourists alike. In … Read more

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