“Stick Indian” – BEWARE!

The Northwest Indian tribes, particularly the Salish, have a tale of a particularly malevolent and dangerous being that dwells deep in the forests of the Northwest. They are known primarily as Stick Indians. Physically, their description changes from tribe to tribe. Many legends acknowledge that they at least somewhat resemble other Native Americans. For example, … Read more

Bigfoot in East Kelowna?

Kelowna man claims to have found large footprint on his property “Be careful out there East K, had some possible Sasquatch prints in my yard this morning. I’m on June Springs. Woke up to my garbage can torn to pieces and my fence gate snapped. Anyone else come across some sort of animal last night … Read more

Sasquatch sightings rising around Ohio as explorers scan woods

Sasquatch sightings rising around Ohio as explorers scan woods (WTTE / WSYX) Columbus, OH — The Finding Bigfoot team is back and investigating scores of new Sasquatch sightings. Evidence Analyst Cliff Barackman tells Good Day Columbus about the recent uptick in sightings during lockdown in and around Ohio during his explorations on ‘Finding Bigfoot: The … Read more

Couple photograph bigfoot near New River Gorge, West Virginia

A husband and wife living in a remote corner of Fayette County in southern West Virginia claim to have encountered and photographed a bigfoot. Billy Humphrey, of Danese, says that before the October 2019 incident he had ridiculed such claims but has spent the last half-year turning the encounter over in his mind. “I didn’t believe in bigfoot,” Humphrey … Read more

Search for Bigfoot expands as footprints found in Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

Photos of large footprints have emerged from Phoenix Park, possibly from the “Bigfoot” Dublin monster. A concerned citizen sent these shocking photos to Dublin Live, in response to the “Bigfoot” footprints seen in Palmerstown. The images show deep, dark imprints on the grass, with marks similar to claws on in the mud. The pics were … Read more

Washington State Department of Transportation posted two apparent Bigfoot sightings

The Legend of Bigfoot has resurfaced in the news this week after the Washington State Department of Transportation posted two apparent sightings on social media. WSDOT East tweeted about a possible Sasquatch Sherman Pass sighting Wednesday afternoon. Sasquatch spotted!!! I’m not superstitious… just a little stitious. Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR … Read more

Heeeee’s Back!

Wow. What are the chances? Shauna Bailey has ANOTHER listing and Sasquatch has been spotted there, too. https://www.century21.com/property/10655-Holcomb-Rd-Newton-Falls-OH-44444/98416889/detail?src=list

Bigfoot Sighting in Hood River Freaks out Driver

Drivers near Hood River called the Oregon State Police and reported a Bigfoot sighting along I-84 in the middle of the night. The ODOT camera managed to capture the sighting! According to the Umatilla/Morrow County Watch, Oregon State Police received a frantic phone call about a Bigfoot sighting near the Hood River exit a few … Read more

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