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For the person who has everything, including Bipedal Hominoids that cause intimidation and chaos under the cover of darkness, we've got the solution:
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Thundercow baffles our scientists

In the quiet plains of Oklahoma, a new legend has emerged, captivating the imagination of locals and cryptid enthusiasts alike. Dubbed the “Thundercow,” this enigmatic entity has quickly become a subject of fascination and mystery. Despite Squatch Away!®’s proven efficacy in repelling bipedal hominoids, it appears we’ve encountered a phenomenon that even our legendary formula cannot deter. While Sasquatches shy away from our repellent, the Thundercow roams free, unbound by our scents and solutions. This serves as a humbling reminder of nature’s untamed spirit and the mysteries that still elude our grasp. As we continue to explore and understand the unknown, let’s celebrate the intrigue of the Thundercow, a reminder of the world’s endless wonders.

Source: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/video-mysterious-thundercow-becomes-local-legend-in-oklahoma/

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