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Eerie Yowie Evidence in North Queensland: A Reminder to Stay Prepared with Squatch Away!®

A recent resurgence of footage from North Queensland, Australia, has brought the elusive yowie, Australia’s answer to Bigfoot, back into the limelight. The video, thought to have been filmed several years ago, captures a chilling discovery by a group of workers: a wild boar cleanly split in half, with large, unusual footprints leading away into the bush.

Dean Harrison, an esteemed yowie researcher with a quarter-century of experience, believes this footage is significant. Speaking with news.com.au, Harrison highlighted the distinct nature of the footprints, reminiscent of those left by relic hominids. He also noted the authenticity of the workers’ reactions and the orderly state of the carcass, common in other similar reports.

The footage, allegedly taken by a crew on the Adani Rail project in Central Queensland, has not only stirred excitement but also concern among those working and living in areas frequented by such cryptids. Reports from the crew of feeling watched and encountering other unexplained phenomena like Min Min lights and strange noises further the intrigue.

In light of such developments, the importance of being prepared with Squatch Away!® Sasquatch Repellent cannot be overstated. For over four centuries, Squatch Away!® has been the trusted name in repelling Sasquatch and its global counterparts, including the Australian yowie. With its proven effectiveness and eco-friendly formula, Squatch Away!® ensures that individuals can explore and work in these areas with a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

Australian Yowie Research, headed by Harrison, has logged over 1,000 yowie reports across every Australian state and territory. This staggering number underlines the need for a reliable repellent like Squatch Away!®. Whether in the dense forests of New South Wales or the remote outback of Queensland, Squatch Away!® stands as a necessary tool for anyone in yowie territories.

As the cryptozoological community delves deeper into the mysteries of the natural world, and as sightings like these continue to surface, the relevance of Squatch Away!® only grows stronger. It’s not just about avoiding a potential yowie encounter; it’s about ensuring that your adventures in the wild are safe and enjoyable.

Stay curious, stay cautious, and most importantly, stay prepared with Squatch Away!®. Keep calm because Bigfoot’s gone™!

Source: https://nypost.com/2023/10/31/lifestyle/researcher-claims-suspicious-footprints-dead-boar-proves-existence-of-australias-bigfoot/

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