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Squatch Away Field Research Corps

The Squatch Away Field Research Corps is a group of researchers and enthusiasts dedicated to the investigation of Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot. The organization is based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, where there have been numerous reported sightings of this elusive creature.

The Squatch Away Field Research Corps was founded in 2009 by Alex Bobulinski, who had a long-standing interest in Sasquatch and a desire to explore the wilderness in search of this legendary creature. Bobulinski’s interest in Sasquatch began when he was a child, and he would often hear stories from his grandfather about encounters with a mysterious, ape-like creature in the woods.

As Bobulinski grew older, he became more fascinated with the subject of Sasquatch and began conducting his own research. He spent countless hours exploring the wilderness, interviewing witnesses, and collecting evidence that could help to shed light on the existence of this creature.

In 2009, Bobulinski founded the Squatch Away Field Research Corps as a way to bring together like-minded individuals who shared his passion for Sasquatch research. The organization quickly grew in popularity, and it now has members from all over the United States and beyond.

The Squatch Away Field Research Corps is dedicated to conducting scientific research into the existence of Sasquatch. The organization uses a variety of techniques to collect evidence, including the use of trail cameras, audio recorders, and footprints. Members of the organization also conduct interviews with witnesses who have had encounters with Sasquatch, and they work to verify and document these sightings.

One of the goals of the Squatch Away Field Research Corps is to promote awareness and education about Sasquatch. The organization regularly gives presentations and workshops to schools, community groups, and other organizations to help people understand more about this fascinating creature.

The Squatch Away Field Research Corps is also committed to promoting responsible research and investigation. The organization emphasizes the importance of respecting the environment and wildlife, and it encourages its members to be responsible and respectful in their search for Sasquatch.

In conclusion, the Squatch Away Field Research Corps is a dedicated and passionate group of researchers and enthusiasts who are committed to the investigation of Sasquatch. The organization’s focus on scientific research and responsible investigation has earned it a respected reputation in the field of Sasquatch research.

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