200% Guarantee*

Just because it’s Sasquatch Repellent,
doesn’t mean it has to smell bad™.

For the person who has everything, including Bipedal Hominoids that cause intimidation and chaos under the cover of darkness, we've got the solution:
Squatch Away!®'s Sasquatch Repellent of the Month Club

To celebrate our 400th year, Use the code BFCM2021 to receive a 400 cent ($4) discount
on all of our aerosol repellents, with the purchase of 2 or more cans.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Embrace the Extraordinary with Squatch Away!®

For over four centuries, Squatch Away!® has stood as a bastion of protection against the elusive and sometimes intrusive Sasquatch. As we celebrate our 402nd year, we’re reminded of our humble beginnings and the legendary endorsement by none other than Lewis and Clark. Our legacy is not just in longevity but in innovation—constantly improving our … Read more

Unleashing the Power of Variety: The Story Behind Our Diverse Sasquatch Repellent Scents

Picture this: you’re trekking through the dense forests, engulfed by the beauty of nature, when suddenly you catch a glimpse of something mysterious lurking among the trees. It’s the legendary Sasquatch, renowned for its elusiveness and captivating allure. As the fascination with this mythical creature continues to grow, so does the demand for effective Sasquatch … Read more

Why Do We Need Sasquatch Repellents?

Sasquatch is a mythological creature that is thought to be a human-like humanoid that is taller than human beings and covered in hair. Similar to Bigfoot, this mythological creature is thought to live in North America. Some people believe that Sasquatch is not a myth, but a real animal. There are even those that believe … Read more

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