Just because it’s Sasquatch Repellent,
doesn’t mean it has to smell bad.

Washington State Department of Transportation posted two apparent Bigfoot sightings

The Legend of Bigfoot has resurfaced in the news this week after the Washington State Department of Transportation posted two apparent sightings on social media.

WSDOT East tweeted about a possible Sasquatch Sherman Pass sighting Wednesday afternoon.

Sasquatch spotted!!! I’m not superstitious… just a little stitious. Have you noticed something strange on our Sherman Pass/SR 20 webcam before? If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something… might be Sasquatch… We will leave that up to you! pic.twitter.com/RaDGqQdEUF

— WSDOT East (@WSDOT_East) January 22, 2020
The photos gained viral attention, with thousands retweeting, sharing and chiming in on what they thought it might be — or just having plain fun with it.

Then Snoqualmie Pass reported its own encounter Thursday, on the heels of the Sherman sighting.

I think Bigfoot is making the rounds across our mountain passes. @wsdot_east showed him on Sherman Pass the other day and now he is on the wildlife overcrossing on I-90 just east of Snoqualmie Pass. #doyoubelieve pic.twitter.com/gysrH5wG2r

Source: https://www.khq.com/news/bigfoot-sighting-wsdot-cameras-capture-sasquatch-like-creature-on-sherman/article_a1b99e7e-3e1c-11ea-9bb0-cf5d5ecae3b0.html

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